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Abflug -Japan
Abt Sportline -Germany
AC Schnitzer -Germany
Active / Quant -Japan
Advanti Racing -Japan
ADV.1 -Usa
Adventus Forged -Usa
Baracuda Wheels / Corniche / Aeroline / Sigma Wheels(Aerotechnik Fahrzeugteile AG) -Switzerland
AVS / Super Advan / Advan Racing / Connoisseur / Kreutzer (Yokohama Tire) -Japan
AEZ -Germany
Agio Sport -Japan
ALBA Wheels -UsaNot Working
Alkatec -Italy
Alpina -Germany
Alutec -Germany
American Eagle Wheel / Boss / MSR / Eagle alloys /Usa Forged / Xtreme Motorsport / Voodoo Parlor (American Eagle Wheel) -Usa
American Racing -Usa
Amistad -Japan
Antera -Italy
Anzio Wheels -Poland
Apex Performance Express -Usa
Artec -Germany
artFORM -GermanyNew
A_R_T -Germany
Asanti Wheels -Usa
ATP Wheel -ItalyNot Working
ATS -Germany
Azev -Germany
Autec -Germany
Avant Garde Wheels -Usa
Avid 1 -Usa
AXIS Wheels -Usa


Balkën -Japan
BADX -Japan
Bavaria wheels -UsaNot Working
Bassett Wheel -Usa
BBS -Germany
BBS -Japan
BC Forged -Taiwan
Beyern Wheels -Usa
Breyton -Germany
Billet Specialties -Usa
Black Rhino Wheels -Usa
Blitz -Japan
Bogart Racing Wheel -Usa
Borbet -Germany
Borrani / Ruote Borrani Milano -Italy
Boyd Coddington -Usa
Bridgestone Wheels -Japan
Brabus -Germany
Braid -Spain
Brock -Germany
Buddy Club -Japan


Calibre Wheels -Uk
Caractere -Belgium
Carlsson -Germany
Cades Wheels -Uk
Carrol Shelby Wheels -Usa
CCW Complete Custom Wheels -Usa
CEC Wheels -Usa
Centerline Wheels -Usa
Champion Motorsport -Usa
Chip Foose / Foose Design -Usa
Circle Racing Wheel -Usa
Clearways -Japan
Compomotive Motorsport Wheels -Uk
Competec -Switzerland
Concept One Wheels -Usa
COR Wheels -Usa
Coventry Wheels -Usa
Club Linea / Limi X / Racing Sparco / Team Sparco / Myrtle / Myrtle Gear / Dean / Basel / Goldman Cruise (Crimson inc.) -Japan
Cromodora Wheels -Italy
Cragar Wheel -Usa
Cray Wheels -Usa
Crimson Inc -Japan


Dare Motorsport -Uk
Dayton Wire Wheels -Usa
DeMODA Concept -Usa
Dezent Wheels -Germany
DIAMOND Racing Wheels -Usa
Direzza -Japan
Deluxe Wheels -Germany
Doall -Japan
Dolce Wheels -Usa
Donz Forged -Usa
Dotz Wheels -Uk
DPE Wheels -Usa
DUB.1ONE Wheels -Usa
Dunlop Wheels -Japan
Dynamic Performance Wheels / DP Wheels -Usa
D2 Forged Wheels -Usa


Elford -Japan
Emotion Wheels -Germany
Enkei -Japan
Enkei -Usa
Erst -Japan
Essex Japan -Japan
Eta Beta -Italy


Fabulous -Japan
Fifteen52 -Usa
Fikse -Usa
Finichi -ItalyNot Working
FIVE:AD / 5:AD -Usa
Fondmetal -Italy
Forgiato -Usa
Forgeline -Usa
Forgestar Wheels -Usa
Fox Wheels -Uk
Fuchs Performance -Usa
Fuel Offroad -Usa


Garson / D.A.D / Zuenglein -Japan
G-Corporation -Japan
Gemballa -Germany
Gialla -Japan
Giovanna / Gianelle / GFG / KOKU (wtw corp.) -Usa
GMP italia -Italy
Gotti -France
G-Power -Germany
GruppeM -Japan


Hamann Motorsport -Germany
Hartge -Germany
Hayashi Racing -Japan
Heart Voice -Japan
Heico Sportiv -Germany
Hisako -Japan
Hotstuff -Japan
HRE Performance Wheels -Usa
Hyper Forged -Japan


iForged -Usa
Image Wheels -Uk
Impul -Japan
IMSA -Germany
Inovit -Usa
Ings / ings+1 -Japan
Inter Milano / Voltec / Milestar / Razee / Lze / Cool Breez / Claire -Japan
Irmscher -Germany


Je Design -Germany
Junction Produce -Japan
Japan Sanyo / Zack -Japan


Kanei / Ace Alloy / AMF Forged / Decorsa / Raze -Usa
K.Brake -Japan
Kaemon -Japan
Kahn Design -Uk
Kei Wheels -UkNot Working
Keizer Wheels -Usa
Keskin -Germany
Kerscher Tuning -Germany
Klässen Forged Wheels -Usa
KMC Wheels -Usa
Kosei -Japan
Kyoho -JapanNot Working
König Wheels -Usa


League -Taiwan
Lehrmeister -Japan
Lenso -Thailand
Lexani Wheels -Usa
Livery Wheels -Usa
Lorinser -Germany
Lombartho -Germany
Lowenhart / RacingHart / EuroHart / DEF / Bersaglio -Japan
Lumarai Wheels -Usa
Lumma Tuning -Germany


Mach 5 Wheels -Uk
Makina-ISOTTA (Raywheels) -Japan
MAM -Germany
Mak Wheels -Italy
Mandrus Wheels -Usa
MARUKA SERVICE Inc. -JapanUpdate
Messer Felgen -Germany
Minilite -Uk
Miro Wheels -Usa
MK Motorsport -Germany
MKW / Bazo / MKW Offroad / Avenue -Usa
Modulare Wheels -Usa
Momo -Italy
Monza Japan -Japan
Monogram (Yokohama Tire) -Japan
Mooneyes -Usa
MORR Competition Wheels -Usa
Motegi Racing -Usa
MTH / Elite / Revolver / DUB / NICHE / MONO TEC / U.S. Mags MTH Wheels -Usa
Marsh Rasing Wheel MRT -UsaNot Working
MRR Design/Ground Force -Usa
MS Design -Germany
MTechnica -Usa
MTM (Motoren Technik Mayer) -Germany
Mugen -Japan
M'z Speed -Japan


Napre -Japan
Nessen Forged -Usa
Nothelle -Germany
Novitec -Germany


Oettinger -Germany
Offbeat -Japan
Oz Racing/Oz X-line/Sparco Wheels/MSW -Italy
Oz Japan -Japan
Oxigin / Carmani -Germany


Padinac -Japan
Petrol Wheels -UsaRedirect to TSW
PIAA -JapanUpdate
PPI Design -Germany
Prodrive Japan -Japan
Projectzwo -Germany
ProLine Wheels -GermanyNew
Pur -Canada


Racing Dynamics -Italy
Radius -Italy
Rad48 -Germany
Race Star Ind. -Usa
Redbourne Wheels -Usa
Renntech -Usa
Rays Wheels / Homura / Volk Racing Wheel / Gram Lights / 57 Motorsport / Versus / G-games / Sebring / Garcia / Black Fleet / ArthurExchange / Daytona -Japan
Raguna -Japan
Rennen Forged -Usa
Reverson Wheels -Japan
Revolution Wheels -Uk
RH Alurad -Germany
Rial -Germany
RIH -Japan
Roderick Wheels -Usa
Rotiform Wheels -Usa
Rohana Wheels -Usa
Rondell -Germany
Rojam -Japan
Roud Racing Technology -Japan
Rota Wheels -Philippine
R-Pride -Japan
Rs Watanabe (Watanabe) -Japan


Savini -Usa
Schmidt Revolution -Germany
Schott Wheels -Usa
Seiken Co. -Japan
Shark Werks -Usa
Smoor Felgen -Germany
Sky Forged -Japan
Speedart -Germany
Speedline Corse -Uk
Sportec -Switzerland
Sport technic -Japan
Spoon Sports -Japan
Spyn -Canada
Status Wheels / Ruff Racing / Tuff All Terrain -Usa
Superstar Wheel -Japan
SSR / Vienna / Speed Star Series / Werfen (RD-Tanabe) -Japan
Stance Wheels -Usa
Steinmetz -Germany
Stilauto -Italy


Team Dynamics (Rimstock) -Uk
Techart -Germany
Technopia -Japan
Tecnomagnesio / MIM -Italy
Tec Speedwheels -GermanyNew
Tenso R -Usa
TIS Wheels / Dropstar -Usa
Tom's Racing (Tom's) -Japan
Treasure One -Japan
TSW -Usa


Ultra Wheel -Usa
US Wheels -Usa


Väth -Germany
VCT Wheels -Usa
Veilside -Japan
Vellano Wheels -Usa
Victor Equipment Wheels -Usa
VMR Wheels -Usa
Vertini Wheels -Usa
VIP Modular Wheels -Usa
Vorsteiner Wheels -Usa
Vossen Wheels -Usa
Volvo VST -Japan


Wald -Japan
W-Blood -Japan
Weds -Japan
Weld Racing -Usa
Wheel Vintiques -Usa
Woodbell -Japan
Wolfrace -Uk
Wolf Racing -Germany
Work wheels -Japan
WSP Italy -Italy


XIX Wheels -Usa
XO Wheels -Usa
XXR Wheels -Usa


Yellowhat -Japan


Zenetti Wheels -Usa
Zito Alloy -Taiwan
ZCW -Uk/ChinaNot Working
ZSS Racing -Japan


2 Carve -Usa
360 Forged -Usa
3d Design -Japan
3SDM -Uk
4x4 Engineering -Japan
5zigen -Japan
9ff -Germany

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Some companys have different lines of wheels with different names.

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